From December 2023, Museum De Reede and artists' collective Splinter will join forces and together offer young graphic artists a unique location as a platform.


SPLINTER is an Antwerp-based artist collective with a focus on contemporary printmaking. Our goal is to support printmakers and make the medium more accessible both technically and intellectually.

We create yearly publications and hold multiple exhibitions every year with the aim to bring together both printmakers and non-printmakers alike.


What does SPLINTER stand for?


SPLINTER is an acronym for the four pillars of printmaking. They are as follows: PL.anography - IN.taglio - RE.liëf - ST.encil.




What projects does SPLINTER organize?


Our most important, recurring projects are:

1) Book #: A series of yearly artist books in collaboration with printmakers where we try to challenge the possibilities of what a book can look like through the printed medium.

2) ‘Printed Image’ is a yearly exhibition that first took place in 2023. It focuses on artists from all disciplines who are pushing the boundaries of the printed image. In the exhibition we bring them together with more conventional forms of printed images and/or printmaking.

3) Jaques Goris Exhibition: Every December SPLINTER gets to organize an exhibition at printmaking gallery Jaques Goris VZW. this exhibition is open to all printmaking students studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

4) SPLINTER X Museum De Reede: A collaborative project together with printmaking museum De Reede where we exhibit different artist on our unique SPLINTER wall. Here we focus on living contemporary artist that are working on paper and have a background in printmaking.

IMG-20231202-WA0009 copy


A team of printmaking artists:

Zoë Michiels
Elia Vanderheyden
Rune Gybels
Renée Somers
Raquel Cordon
Lize Crauwels/Frank Henkel
Ellen Vangeheluwe