8 January 2023, update 14 May 2023


Exhibition from Friday, October 27 to Wednesday, February 28, 2018

As the first temporary exhibition since the museum's official opening in June 2017, Museum De Reede (MDR) welcomes an individual exhibition by South Korean artist Chun Kwang Young (°1944).

Earlier this year, the Boghossian Foundation dedicated an exhibition to this internationally renowned contemporary artist, whose work was shown at Villa Empain, Brussels. Museum De Reede therefore thanks in particular the Boghossian Foundation, which generously lends three works from its own collection, and ART'LOFT, Lee-Bauwens Gallery, Brussels, for their willing cooperation.

Museum De Reede in Antwerp is exclusively showing works on paper. The reliefs and sculptures by the multi-award-winning East Asian artist are therefore formally and substantively very much in line with the exhibition policy.