16.02.2024 - 20.05.2024


The British artist Paul Harbutt is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, sometimes combining painting, sculpture and mixed media in one work. As a draughtsman, Harbutt has a confident and loose line and chooses subjects that are universal yet personal.

The exhibition at Museum De Reede opens with an image of a small man bent under a pile of old-fashioned suitcases. Tied together by a thick rope, Diaspora, 2023 is an apt image for this time of global unrest and forced migrations due to conflict, poverty and global warming.



  Drawing is the fuel of the fire that nourishes the soul


Harbutt is no novice, but someone with a great track record. His work is in museums and private collections all over the world. Harbutt's work is in the collection of Museum De Reede and has been on permanent display from its opening in June 2017. "When we saw that people often stood by his work for a long time and looked at it with attention, we matured the conviction that an extended exhibition had a right to exist," explains Harry Rutten chairman of Museum De Reede.


PAUL HARBUTT | ODYSSEY is the twentieth temporary exhibition organised by Museum De Reede since its inception in 2017.