16 April 2023

Rembrandt exhibition travels to South Korea

Harry Rutten van Museum De Reede begroet hoofdcurator Kwon Mi-Ok en curator Lee Jeonghee van het Daegu Art Museum

ANTWERPEN/DAEGU - The exhibition Rembrandt, Photographer avant la lettre at the Antwerp Museum De Reede will travel to the Daegu Art Museum in South Korea this year. The two museums and the owner of the collection signed an official protocol agreement to this effect. The exhibition at Museum De Reede in Antwerp featuring some 80 etchings by Rembrandt will run until 22 May.

ANTWERPEN/DAEGU - Two executives from the Daegu Art Museum in South Korea were in Antwerp and Amsterdam this week for the signing of the protocol agreement with Museum De Reede and the owner of the collection "Stichting Rembrandt op reis".

This will allow the Rembrandt, photographer avant la lettre exhibition to travel on to the Daegu Art Museum in South Korea. "For us, this is an opportunity to exhibit Rembrandt in Korea. This is fortunate for us," says Kwon Mi-Ok, Chief Curator of the Daegu Art Museum.

The Daegu Art Museum in the South Korean city of Daegu opened in 2011 and attracts 200,000 visitors a year. The city of Daegu has a population of 2.5 million.


Museum De Reede is delighted with the Korean interest in the exhibition Rembrandt, photographer avant la lettre. "This exhibition has been running at our museum in Antwerp since 27 January and has already attracted 8,500 visitors since then. That is a great success. And the fact that this exhibition will be shown in Korea after 22 May is a wonderful evolution," says Harry Rutten, Chairman of Museum De Reede.

120 etchings by Rembrandt

The 80 etchings by Rembrandt on display in Antwerp will return to Amsterdam after the exhibition ends. Another 35 etchings will be added there. That brings the total number of etchings by Rembrandt that will be on display in South Korea to 120.

Masterful draughtsman and etcher

Rembrandt is celebrated worldwide not only as a painter, but also as a masterful draughtsman and etcher. Throughout his career, Rembrandt took up the etching needle, embracing the same wide range of subjects as in his paintings, including (self) portraits, landscapes, religious and mythological themes.

The exhibition Rembrandt, Photographer avant la lettre explores the unique view of reality through the eye of this world-renowned artist: an almost contemporary and photographic view of the world in an era long before the invention of photography.